Amore all’italiana

On May 18 of 2014 the Martino-Ensemble will give a concert in the Behnhaus in Lübeck. This concert is dedicated to the topic “love”. The songs performed will enlighten all aspects of the life determining feeling: Starting with the falling in love, the inability to sleep, the fear to approach the adored one, the suit under the balcony the bow will lead to attempting to convince beautiful women by music and dance, the search for a spouse and several dramas arround relationship and marriage. Apart of wellknown songs from Naples like »Passione«, »I’ te vurria vasà« and the swinging »O’ surdato ‘nnammurato« also old sicilian tunes like »Si maritau Rosa« and »C’è la luna mezz’u mari« will be played.


On 2013/06/03 at 8 p.m. the Martino-Ensemble will perform a concert in the Behnhaus at Lübeck as part of the Klangbilderkonzerte of the Theater Lübeck. Speedy and spirited the famous Tarantella folk dance of southern Italy fascinates listeners and performers at the same time. The dance is closely related to the »Lycosa Tarentula«, a spider domiciled in the mediterranean area. Her poison is known to provoke several psychic and physical dysfunctions especially to female human beings. The Tarantella was performed for bitten victims so that they could sweat out the poison by dancing until the were totally exhausted.

Apart of famous haunting melodies like »Funiculì, Funiculà«, that was written for the opening of the funicular to the Vesuvio, or the swinging »Tarantella del mare« the Martino-Ensemble will perform tunes telling stories about joy and suffering, love and the beauty of the landscape.

In this concert the Martino-Ensemble will be enlarged by Stanislav Efaev, the solo-bassist of the Philharmonisches Orchester of the Hansestadt Lübeck.


Feast dinner with challenging music

On 2013/05/17 the Martino-Ensemble will give a concert at “Hegen” in Hamburg-Rahlstedt. The retirement home organizes an italian feast dinner with excellent delicacies prepared by the extraordinary resident cook. This evening is open also to guests.

Rahlstedter Kulturtage 2012

In the context of the Rahlstedter Kulturtage 2012 the Martino-Ensemble will give a concert on 2013/09/23 at 11 a.m. in the retirement home “Am Hegen”. The ensemble will play a well-balanced program of sicilian and neapolitan tunes to delay the arrival of autumn.

Sicilia bedda

On 2012/06/17 at 6 p.m. the Martino-Ensemble will give a concert at the Behnhaus in Lübeck as part of the “Klangbilderkonzerte” of the Theater Lübeck. The concert is dedicated to the island Sicily.

»Beautiful Sicily«… yearningly the lyrics of this emigrant song sing of the beauty of the home country that is far away.

The changeful history of the island, that was regularly conquered by foreign people because of it’s exposed as center

Die wechselhafte Geschichte der Insel, die als wichtiges Seefahrts- und Handelszentrum im Mittelmeerraum immer wieder Gegenstand fremdländischer Eroberungen war, spiegelt sich in allen Formen der sizilianischen Kultur wider. Die verschiedensten Völker siedelten sich an und hinterließen ihre Spuren in vielen Lebensbereichen und in der sizilianischen Sprache, die sich stark vom Standarditalienisch unterscheidet.

Als Mischung von europäischen und arabischen Einflüssen besitzt die sizilianische Volksmusik einen eigenen, unverkennbaren Charakter. Seit jeher sind es vor allem die unteren, auch die bäuerlichen Bevölkerungsschichten, die ihren Gefühlen, Wünschen, Sehnsüchten und Sorgen durch den Gesang Ausdruck verleihen.

Daher auch der Reichtum und die Vielfalt des italienischen Volksgesangs: mehr als 5000 Volkslieder in sizilianischer Sprache sind heute bekannt.

On the one hand the program contains songs that describe the island or animals and their relationship to the human beings living on it. On the other hand it contains tunes telling of historical events, legends, the mafia and of course love.

Torna a Surriento

On 2011/10/30 at 6 p.m. the Martino-Ensemble will give a concert at the Bucerius-Kunst-Forum in Hamburg as part of the program for the open day “Bella Italia” dedicated to the italian culture. The journey starts with local patriotic songs that appreciate the landscape and music of the region, continues with mythical legends and romantic lovesongs and ends with songs of emigrants that describe the yearning for their home country.